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Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Grill Master Skills

As the weather gets warmer more and more people are looking to open their pools and enjoy a nice barbeque! And while the atmosphere and pleasure of being out in the sun is enjoyable, it is really the food that creates the core of joy in any picnic and outdoor event.

To that end, you must be a master of the grill! Grilling your meat and veggies is not difficult if you know a few tips and tricks on how to squeeze the flavor out of the grilling experience. The following tips will make you much more confident when you’re manning the grill and will leave your friend and family very impressed and their bellies full!

Fuel is key

The first piece of advice is to upgrade the fuel you are using to start the fire. Hardwood lump charcoal had a delicious flavor to it and is more temperamental than your regular old charcoal. The odd sizes behind this type of charcoal are kind of like cooking over a wood fire and add to the experience as well as adding to the flavor of the food.


The delicious flavor of great barbequed food comes from the smoky taste. Add some wood chips and if you used the lump charcoal then you’ll have set up the perfect base for some deliciously smoked meat and veggies.

Perfect cross

The diamond shaped marks on grilled meat come from a specific technique. Align the meat as if your grill is a clock and put the meat angled towards the 10. Halfway through, turn it to face 2. When you flip the meat to the other side, do the same thing. Perfect cross!


Make sure to periodically check the firmness of the meat by touching it and checking for how squishy it is. A meat thermometer is also a good tool to have to make sure the insides are cooked will enough. You don’t want to run the risk of anyone getting sick from undercooked meat.

Juice is important

Moisture is another important component of taste, just like smokiness is. You want to avoid letting the meat’s natural moisture escape while you are grilling. Don’t do things like press down on the meat with the spatula, this oozes the flavor and juices out!

Ration your flips

Try to avoid flipping too much as you’ll lose juice and also run the risk of certain sides of the meat being undercooked. Cook well and use the firmness test and thermometer to make sure you are cooking the meat fully and then flip it over once or twice max. Overdoing the flips can burn the meat!

Prepare by Marinating

The last tip is also the one you should do well in advanced – marinate your meat! Marinating should ideally be done a few hours prior to the grilling, but if you are pressed for time, even a two-hour marination process is superior to no marination at all. Simple marinade can be found at almost all grocery stores and will make a huge difference in the juices and deliciousness of the food you grill!

Enjoy the warm weather and be sure to jump into a refreshing beer or cool swimming pool after manning the grill. You’ll feel like a true master if you can grill up with the best of them.

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This is a guest post by Nate Miller. Nate currently represents World Market, the best online marketplace to look for patio furniture online. When not behind the screen Nate likes to take a swim in the coldest waters around the globe.