I have been thinking about writing about some tips and tricks for getting the juiciest meats while you BBQ. There is nothing worse than a dried out piece of meat when you have been looking forward all day to a great dinner.

Here are some tips to ensure juicy BBQ

  • Don’t put your meat on the BBQ until the grill or BBQ is fully heated and is at the right temperature.
  • Don’t stab your meat with a fork or knife when putting it on the grill or turning it. This causes all those wonderful juices to leak out to the bottom of your grill, which doesn’t taste as good as the steak on the grill.
  • Don’t open and shut the lid on your grill a ton while you are grilling. The fluctuation in temperature will cause your meat to dry out and/or burn.
  • Don’t cook too hot – Low temperatures allow those marvelous juices to stay in the meat…not evaporate with the heat.
  • Allowing your meats to marinate overnight before the big performance will cause the meats to soak up additional juices and flavor – resulting in amazing tenderness – especially for lean cuts of meat
  • Serve the meat right off the grill. Allowing it to sit for awhile after taking it off the grill will dry it out.
  • Some backyard chefs recommend a small container of water that you put on the grill. The water will boil and turn into steam resulting in more juicy meats coming off the grill
  • The ole beer can chicken is a take off of the boiling water trick. I prefer Pepsi or Coke. It adds a sweetness to the chicken that is TASTY!
  • Allow your meats to reach room temperature before cooking. Don’t attempt to cook frozen meat (or even partially frozen meat). Don’t microwave your meat to help it to thaw…You have all seen the results. The plate is full of those marvelous juices that would have stayed in the meat if you had planned ahead.
  • Use a rotisserie. The constant rotation of the meat allows all the juices that would have dripped off the meat to stay in your meat. Hmmmmm – I can taste it now…

Let me know what other tips you can think of.