A flare-up is when some grease or fat gets down into your gas grill and catches fire. Flare-Ups are a normal part of grilling, but they can quickly get out of hand and char a perfectly good piece of meat.

In order to control flare-ups simply move the grease/fat covered food(s) away from the location of the flare-up to another corner of the grill. Say for example you have a bunch of hamburgers and you have a flare up – simply move the burgers away from the flare-up or move them off the grill and wait for the grease to burn up. I have stacked the burgers up in the only corner that is not a raging inferno and just waited for the flare up to burn itself out.

After the flare up subsides, gradually put the food back where the flare up occurred.

Several ways to prevent flare ups:
1. Use lean cuts of meat.
2. Trim the excess fat off of your meat
3. Don’t put excessive amounts of oil (Vegtable oil, marinade, etc.) and then throw it on the grill with it still dripping.

As a last result, a spray bottle filled with water close to the grill can keep you from having to call the fire station – that could ruin a perfectly good barbeque.