A deep fat fried turkey can taste incredible if you cook it right. The right seasoning injected into the bird combined with the right amount of oil and cooked at the right temperature can make a deep fat fried turkey the perfect addition to a holiday dinner.

Every year at the holiday season, we hear nightmares about people who don’t follow safe cooking procedures for deep fat frying a turkey. We wanted to remind everyone that deep fat frying a turkey can result in a dangerous situation for you, your family, and your home.

Here are some safety tips for Deep fat frying a turkey:

  • Always follow the directions of your Deep fat fryer.
  • Always make sure that your turkey is completely defrosted.
  • Always wear gloves when getting close to the frying pot
  • Always wear shoes and long pants while deep fat frying a turkey
  • Always make sure that you keep your kids and pets away from the frying area
  • Never cook indoors or in a garage or carport
  • Never leave the unit unattended
  • Never try to put out a grease fire with water

Check out a couple of You Tube videos deep fat frying tips:

Another video

Let us know your stories (both good and bad) about your deep fat frying a turkey experiences.