If there’s one thing that any BBQ fanatic cannot deny, it is that the Weber brand is definitely one of the best BBQ brands out there. Far be it from me to take sides however, but the companies reputation speaks for itself; having provided the worlds BBQ lovers and even BBQ newbies with quality machines that deliver a quality performance time and time again, not to mention last for a great number of years; I cannot be one to deny to deny the power of Weber either. With the summer now around the corner you will no doubt be planning your bids for summer fun and there is no summer fun without a few good old fashioned BBQ parties.

Now I know I’ve just blown Weber’s trumpet quite a bit but must state that there are a range of equally great brands out there it is just my personal opinion that for real, trusted quality; Weber leads the way which is why now I am going to attempt to highlight the differences between the Weber Smokey Joe BBQ and the Weber One Touch.

For anyone with real BBQ experience; you will know that with leading brands, no BBQ is better than the other as each serves its own purpose and caters to its own audience which is why, when trying to find the right BBQ for you, it is important to do as much research as possible.

Before I highlight the best points about these barbecues I have to say that the Weber Charcoal BBQ’s are the best of the bunch.

Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal BBQ

Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal BBQThe Weber Smokey Joe is by far one of the most beautiful portable BBQ’s available on the market today. Sold in a range of stunning colors and complete with a porcelain enameled lid and one of the best cooking grates around; for those looking for something for their travels, a trip to the park or something small and handy then the Smokey Joe is the one for you.

The advantage of the Smokey Joe is the size.  With a 14.5 inch diameter cooking area (and only 17.5 inches high), the Smokey Joe is perfect for the portable Charcoal BBQ.  However, the disadvantage of the Smokey Joe is the size.  If you are cooking for a medium to large group – or if you want to cook multiple courses (i.e. steaks, corn, roasted veggies, etc.) you will quickly run out of room with the size limitations of the Smokey Joe Charcoal BBQ from Weber.

The price is right as well.  The retail price of the grill is only $39.99.  Amazon has the Weber Smokey Joe Grill listed for $29.99

Weber One Touch Charcoal BBQ

Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal GrillIn contrast to the Smokey Joe we have the One Touch series; for those looking for their first BBQ and want something trusted and reliable then the One Touch is definitely the leader of the pack. Offering everything the Smokey Joe does but in a larger size that many agree would be suitable for a small, growing family then this is definitely one to invest in this year.

The cooking surface is 22.5 inches and it is 38.5 inches high.  The BBQ grill features grill vents on the top and the bottom of the grill and on the Gold version there is a thermometer built into the grill.

The Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill sells on Amazon for $149 with a retail price of $159.00.

Both Weber charcoal BBQ’s, in fact the entire Weber range is full of stunning BBQ’s that cater to a different audience,  a different cook and a different need so whether its small, large, portable or dominating; the Weber brand is sure to offer it to you.

The beauty of the whole Weber range is that there is something for everyone for every occasion. You can’t compare really compare the different BBQ’s; all you can do, and this is what anyone will tell you is to work out why you need the BBQ, how many people are you likely to be cooking for and so on. Once you’ve assessed your requirements you will be able to select the right model for you. And once you’ve got the right one you’ll never want to cook in your kitchen again!

You don’t have to take my word for it though, if you want real quality in your BBQ this year then take the time to research the options available to you and find out just what is out there…you’ll be surprised with the results!

Article by Michael Price from http://www.bedsbbq.co.uk. Check out their Charcoal BBQ Buyers guide at http://www.bedsbbq.co.uk/barbecue-shop/charcoal-barbecue-buyers-guide.html