Thermapen Digital ThermometerI have a new favorite BBQ Accessory!  It is the ThermoWorks Thermapen Digital Thermometer.  It is the coolest BBQ and cooking accessory ever!

How do you tell when your BBQ chicken is done and not going to kill your mother-in-law with salmonella poisoning?  How can you tell when your expensive thick cut steaks are medium rare to please your Dad?  How do you tell if your Boston butt is ready to pull?

I have resorted to several different methods of checking to see if various BBQ dishes are done, including:

  1. A cheap meat thermometer bought at the local grocery store
  2. Cutting the chicken in the thickest part of the breast to see if it is still pink inside
  3. Slicing a deep gash into the prime steaks to see if it is the right color of red for the requests of my family members
  4. The commonly recommended by seasoned BBQ chefs – just wiggle the bone and if it is loose, you are good to go

The methods above have resulted in varying levels of success, although I am pleased to note that I have never gotten anyone sick from salmonella poisoning (that I know of).

The Thermapen is awesome!  It is lighting fast – only 3 seconds for a full temperature reading!  The temperature probe is sharp and inserts easily into the cut of meat.  What is even cooler is that the probe turns the Thermapen on and off.  Unsnap the probe and the Thermapen turn on and is ready to take a reading.  Snap the probe back into the case and it turns off – and, you won’t bend or break it.

There are no cables and you can easily set the Thermapen to display in °C or °F.  It comes in a variety of colors and you can easily measure the temperature of your favorite BBQ dish, or your Thanksgiving Turkey, breads or cakes, fish, checking the temperature of the oil you are ready to deep fry your Japanese Tempura, or even check the temperature of your chilled beverage to make sure it is cool enough to serve.

If you are serious about cooking, you have got to invest in a Thermapen!  It is worth it!