This is my favorite season of the year — no, not fall — football season!

I am a big college football fan! Every Saturday, I can be found watching my team play. I have had season tickets for years and I bring my entire family along!

One of the greatest things that you can do as a family is the tailgate right before the big game. There are stadiums in the USA that have the most amazing tailgating traditions ever! There are avid fans who love the tailgate almost as much as the big game. There are barbeque grills that are designed and mounted specifically for the hitch on your truck. There are trucks and rigs that have been designed just for the tailgate experience. There is a whole market (including games, supplies, grills, barbeque accessories, etc.) that have been created just for the tailgate market.

So, if you are into the tailgate party, and want to share your experiences, just email us and let us know what your favorite tailgate tradition is. We will publish our favorite selections on

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