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Citrus Glazed Tenderloin

Submitted By: Nadine Zborowski
Location: Dearborn, Mi
Background: My background is working for the DOD for a bit. I am wife to a former Marine, mother to 4 (3 kids are Marines and 1 is Army) I am daughter to a retired LtCdr, granddaughter to 101st ABN, and myself am tied voluntarily to the Nat’l Army Guard. I am a mother who went against the grain of my generation and raised my children to HAVE manners, have respect and to make their own path in life. Cooking is a huge part of my life and I embraced and own it proudly! Never had professional teachings, learned to cook by trial and error and mostly by being resourceful enough and brazen enough to try “out of the box” recipes and methodology!
Recipe Name: Citrus Glazed Tenderloin
Background and Description: To offset the traditional burgers or steaks, and keep boredom out of the grill area…I took a pork tenderloin, trimmed most of the fat-not all, as some of the fat assists in retaining moisture and flavor. I wanted to offer a MEAT dish separate from the traditional “heavy steak spices”, and throw a different spin on something to sink your teeth into.
Ingredients: * 3 lb pork tenderloin butterflied and some fat trimmed out. keep the marbling in the center of meat.
* 1 very ripe orange (quartered)
* 1 very ripe lime (quartered)
* 1/8 cup olive oil (extra virgin or pure)
* dashes of sea salt
* 1/8 cup worchestershire sauce
* 1/4 cup molasses (reg {unflavored)syrup to substitute)
* 1/2 cup orange marmalade (or similar jellied wonder)
* 1 whole clove garlic chopped not minced
* 3 or 4 10-12 inch pieces of cooking twine to bind several pieces of foil enough to wrap tenderloin
Recipe Instructions: In medium bowl, Mix olive oil, worchestershire sauce, squeezed orange and lime juices; (but save quartered pieces of fruits) add the garlic, orange marmalade, set aside. After trimming some of the larger areas of fat off pork tenderloin; butterfly and lay open with the twine spaced evenly underneath to tie/bind when done. sprinkle sea salt on inside of loin. take sharp object (lol) and poke meat on side facing you without trying to poke meat all the way thru. Next, take 1/2 the mixture and spread inside tenderloin; next lay the quartered oranges and limes and lay in center and on top of mixture. Tie/Bind the tenderloin so that the mixture lays in center and is not exposed. Wrap tenderloin in foil and poke several small holes in foil to allow heat to penetrate within walls of foil. Place on grill set to low heat. turn tenderloin one quarter turn every 8 mins. after tenderloin has been turned one complete rotation, fold back foil and remove tenderloin. place bare tenderloin on grill and cook to desired cookness. Take remaining marmalade mixture and pour over tenderloin immediately upon removing off grill, let set for five mins then slice and serve.
Recipe Summary: Its a pretty simple and easy recipe. Timing on the grill is of course key…be sure grill is not too hot, avoid placing meat over hot spots. Serve the meat with a cool summer salad and a nice side of my “red encrusted potatoes” that can be made on the grill alongside tenderloin!

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