• Ribs: I prefer pork ribs, especially when they are on sale, one slab feeds about 3 Tailgaters so multiple slabs will be required, slabs must be trimmed to fit on the grill
  • Dry Rub: (Commercial dry rub/Butt Rub or Cajun Seasoning works well…if you feel bold make your own …see the Tailgate Chicken on a Throne for Wild Willy’s rub as a guide. Usually I like to go with something that folks gave me. If you want to work a bit harder and your tastes dictate, you can use BBQ sauce in place of or in addition to the rub, either way, you will need enough to cover the ribs)


  1. Trim ribs to so they will fit on the grill, I use a grillbox with a lid so ribs must be trimmed to allow the lid to close properly. Grill should be heated and brushed off to remove residue from the previous Tailgate. Soaked aromatic (I like hickory) wood chips may be added to enhance flavor.
  2. If using dry rub, rub down both sides of the rib slab and then place them on the grill. If using BBQ sauce method, place ribs on grill and apply sauce when turning ribs.
  3. Ribs should be cooked at medium-high heat, turning them approximately every 10 minutes (a meat hook is ideal for this purpose). Additional rub or BBQ sauce may be applied at each turning. Beer should be consumed throughout. Normally by the time I have consumed 3 beers, ribs are done…you can also use a meat thermometer or can cut into a meaty portion of the slab to ensure that it is cooked to taste or watch the juices to ensure that they “run clear”. Repeat until all slabs of ribs are cooked.
  4. Everyone loves ribs… if you put the whole slab out, one of your Tailgaters will grab it and go. If you are to stay ahead you must slow rib consumption. This is best done by cutting the ribs into individual rib portions. I utilize a Tailgate Butcher, better if he is grizzled and not averse to applying a bar bouncers attitude while cutting the ribs (otherwise Tailgaters will grab them as they are sliced and they will never make it to the table).


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