I have to tell you of my experience with Weber technical support.

We were having a barbeque the other day and the back burner wouldn’t light on my new Weber Grill. I was out trying to get the meat started and the dang grill wouldn’t light and I was getting a bit frustrated. Fortunately our guests were running late.

I came inside and did an internet search to see if there was a known problem with the grill. While I was on Weber’s site looking for an answer to my problem, I noticed that they had a 24×7 technical support line. I called and almost immediately was talking to a Weber Grill Expert.

She walked me through the things that she thought would cause the problem. The first was similar to one of the troubleshooting steps that I went through trying to light my Camp Chef stove. If the regulator on the grill detects a pressure change, it will shut off the valve and not let any fuel through the hose. This is to keep us from blowing ourselves up. She had me turn off the grill for a few minutes (including the valve on the propane tank) and then gradually open the valve on the tank to allow the regulator on the hose to reset itself if it had kicked in.

This didn’t solve the problem, but I learned a good troubleshooting step and wanted to pass it along.

She mentioned that if the grill had sat over the winter that sometimes bugs and spiders crawl up into the gas tubes and restrict the flow of gas into the burners. This can be fixed by blowing out the system with an air compressor or canned air.

The next thing she had me do was to light the back burner manually. It started right up. As I got to looking at the crossover pipe, I noticed that something had dripped onto the pipe and was restricting the flame on about 1″ of pipe. This was causing the flame not to light on the back half of the crossover pipe and keeping my back burner from lighting.

So I was happy that I had found out what the problem was. I was able to get the back burner lit by hand and take care of my guests.

The cool part about the whole experience was the fact that I got a new Crossover pipe in my mailbox via FedEx a couple of days later. That was awesome customer service. I strongly recommend Weber products because of the technical support experience that I had.