Part of the week at Scout Camp is preparing a dessert each night. I try to teach the scouts how to cook some tasty desserts and it gives the troop to gather around and talk by the fire as the food cooks.

This year, by popular vote, we are having the following desserts:

  • S’mores – The classic Graham Cracker & chocolate melted together with a toasted marshmellow – or a “mallow” as the scouts like to say
  • Birthday Cake – chocolate with hand cranked homemade ice cream
  • Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – I use a can of sprite to give it a kick
  • Dutch Oven Dessert Pizza
  • Another Birthday Cake – can you believe 2 birthdays in a week? Do you think I am going to be able to convince them to turn the crank again for another batch of homemade ice cream?

It should be good fun. I will shoot some pictures to post after I get back.

Have a great week!