Preparations continue for Scout Camp. I am trying to finalize food, troop gear, medical forms, tour permits, etc. so the troop will have a great time at camp.

One of the things that I have struggled with over the years going to camp is the lantern. Rarely do you have a good setup for a lantern while you camp. I try to create a good lighting setup for cooking, and evening fun by using a stem that connects to my propane tank. It is about 4 feet long and puts the lantern up high enough to light a wider area than a lantern sitting on the ground.

Unfortunately, when I use the stem, I haven’t been able to plug in my Camp Chef stove at the same time. The reason, the extra outlets on the stem to connect additional propane attachments doesn’t fit the adapter for the Camp Chef Stove. It is too small.

This year (after much searching) I found a “2nd Chance Adapter” made by Marshall Brass. This adapter is made to allow a small disposable propane bottle to be used instead of the normal propane tank. This would provide enough fuel to finish cooking a steak in an emergency – Thus the name – 2nd Chance Adapter.

I am going to leverage this little baby to provide the connection between the puny outlet on the stem and my Camp Chef Stove. It is a thing of beauty! Now I am hooked up and loving it! I did a little searching around and found that Mr. Heater has one as well. Happy camping!

Pictures coming soon!