Barbecue, it’s a great thing and let’s face it, deep down we all salivate over the thought of getting down and dirty with a big plate of tender, juicy ribs fresh from the smoker!

Hi guys, my name is Samantha (but you can call me Sammy). My life is pretty much centered around making people happy with barbecue. I’m a 25 year old chef for a small corporate catering company in the little town of Wayne, PA. Not only am I a chef but I also happen to be the grill master and resident “smoker queen”. I get to go from business to business (with a few private parties in between) amazing classy business men and women not only with my cooking but also with my ability to lug around the huge grill I call “my baby”.

A 750 pound, 15 square foot trailer hitched grill attached to a 12 foot high refrigerated box truck is pretty much where a I spend most of my professional life between the months of April and September. Grilling everything from burgers and dogs to tuna and quesadillas, my passion is feeding corporate America, leaving them with barbecue in their bellies and smiles on their faces. That is, of course, assuming the grill actually makes it to the barbecue site…

A moment in my work experience that I am not exactly proud of, also happens to be one of my funniest barbecue experiences. A few weeks ago I was training a new employee to be a barbecue guru. My instructions were simple, take the grill, attach it to the hitch and be damn sure that it is locked on tight and the chain is attached. My trainee, did just that and assured me that the grill was good to go…or so I thought. Silly me put WAY too much trust into my trainee and did not check the grill hitch before leaving. So, we hopped into the truck and off we went to the barbecue site.

We arrived at the site and got out of the truck to find, much to my dismay, that there was no longer a 750 pound grill attached to the hitch. I’ll let you imagine the profanity laden conversation that ensued upon our discovery. Luckily, we were only a couple of miles away from our shop, so we jumped back into the truck took off to retrace our steps, hoping not to find our grill plowed into the front of some poor souls car. We made it back to the parking lot still grill-less when suddenly appeared in the distance, not stuck to the front of someone’s fender but stuck….on a speed bump! Needless to say, I have yet to live this down and I triple check the attachment of the grill EVERY time!

I know I know, by now you are probably bored of my rambling but I assure you, this is merely my introduction. You will soon be subject to the trials and tribulations of my barbecue and smoking experiences and experiments. I will share with you my secret recipes, my do’s and don’ts, and everything else barbecue related I can think to share with you. I look forward to hearing your stories and your feedback, but until then keep grillin’ and keep eatin’!

Posted by Sammy