I was not a fan of fish (beyond the fish stick) until some friends suggested we grill some halibut. They had been fishing in Alaska and their freezer was overflowing with halibut, which they insisted I would love. I was a huge skeptic as I watched him prepare it, but it ended up being the fish to “hook” me on seafood. Here’s what you do:

Lay out a large piece of aluminum foil and put several pats of butter on it.
Place a large filet of halibut on top of the butter and season with salt, pepper, a little fresh garlic, and an all-around seasoning like AllSpice.
Slice lemons and oranges, squeezing some of the juice onto the fish and then laying the slices on top.
Fold up the aluminum foil tight and place on the grill.
Cook for approx. 20 minutes.

I’ve tried this with salmon and orange roughy, but halibut cooked this way remains my favorite!