I tried to light my 3 burner camp chef stove and it wouldn’t light. I switched out the regulator hose and tried a different propane tank without any change.

I did some research and found the following.

If the flow of air through the manifold is blocked, the stove will not light. Spiders building webs or hornets building nests in the manifold are the most common causes of air flow restriction.

Another culprit could be the regulator. If the regulator senses any type of leak in the pressure of the propane, it will shut off the flow of propane through the system.

I ended up blowing out the manifold with an air compressor and checking for leaks. I checked for leaks using soapy water on the manifold and anywhere the propane could travel. I didn’t find any leaks (bubbles from the soapy water), but in the process of trying to get things working, I tightened up the nut where the propane hose connected to the manifold. Testing the stove after that seem to fix the problem.

I have one other question. I have a full bottle of propane that seems to leak when I turn the valve on top. Is there any way to fix this? Comments are welcome

Update on Camp Chef Stove not lighting

I finally figured out the culprit. I had a bad propane tank. For some reason the valve on the tank was not letting gas through to the stove. I need to take it in the next time I get other tanks filled and have them look at the valve…