On a family reunion in Wisconsin, we were introduced to the “proper” way to grill and eat corn-on-the cob; and it was delicious! We took the corn still wrapped in its husks and placed it right on the grill. I was skeptical that the corn would get cooked thoroughly this way (having only used the shucked-in-a-pot-of-water-on-the-stove method). Turns out that if you keep the lid closed and the heat moderate, it cooks quite nicely.

After it was cooked, we melted a cube of butter in a #10 can filled with hot water. We peeled the corn husks down (like peeling a banana), but didn’t remove them from the ear of corn. The husks became our handle and then we dipped the corn into the can of butter and water. It washed off the corn and coated the ear with a delicious layer of butter. When we pulled it out of the butter, all that was needed was to sprinkle it with salt and eat.

This was much easier than shucking the corn, putting it in water, fishing it out, sticking the little handle skewers into it so you could hold on and rolling it on a cube of butter. Tasted just as good without the hassle.

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