My wife loves it when I cook, so I thought I would share a quick recipe:

I started with a large piece of heavy duty tinfoil and sprayed it with some non-stick spray to keep the fish from sticking to the foil and added the salmon.

I lightly dusted the salmon with salt, pepper, paprika, and chili powder. I then added a light layer of dijon mustard to the fish and a generous portion of brown sugar on top to balance out the strong mustard taste.

I then loosely sealed the fish with the foil and put on indirect heat on the grill for about 20 mins (~250 degrees). The foil sealed in all of the juices from the fish and caramelized the brown sugar mix. After taking the fish from the heat, I poured some of that syrup over the fish as I served it for my wife. It turned out great! My wife and kids loved it.