The barbecue is a great tradition in Australia, which reflects the true nature of its people – generous, considerate, thoughtful, social and possessing a sense of community. The Aussie barbecue can be undertaken at any location with family and friends. It is a very fulfilling social event where people get to catch up on each other.

Traditionally, people would come together, and contribute everything that was required for the BBQ, including labour, culinary wares and so on. Nowadays, the retail food industry has embraced the BBQ culture. Restaurants and catering supplies companies are now providing BBQs to Brisbane barbeque events and family gatherings. However, nothing beats preparing a barbecue on your own at home. It will give a chance to have some great fun with your family, and enjoy some delicious Aussie barbecue.

If you are planning to prepare an Aussie barbecue, but you are not confident about your skills, the following are some secrets to a world-famous Aussie barbecue that can help you out. You can use these tips on any of the numerous Australian BBQ recipes.

1. Preheat your meat before cooking

One of the secrets of preparing a great Aussie barbecue is to bring back your cold meat to room temperature before cooking it. Cooking the meat while cold makes it hard to get the heat from outside the steak to the middle part. So, heat it up before putting it on the grill. Preheating the meat helps it to cook evenly, and bring out the flavour. Note that, the grill of your BBQ should also be hot.

2. Ensure your meat is thin

Thin meat allows heat to reach the middle part. If you have thick steaks, try to push them with your hands while cooking. This will make the meat tender and boost its flavour. If you really want to end up with thick steaks, you can start them on the BBQ to roast and bring out the flavour before finishing them off in an oven.

3. Poke and prod your meat only when it is necessary

Although it is very tempting, you have to avoid the constant poking and prodding of the meat while it is on the grill, if you want to get a perfect Australian BBQ. Continuous flipping of the steaks prevents the crust from developing. It also forces the juice and the flavour out leaving it dry and tasteless. Just let the steaks rest, and turn them only once or twice whenever it is necessary.

4. Reduce the amount marinade and fat on your meat before putting it on the grill

Excess marinade makes flames to flare up, which burns the outside of the steaks turning them black. So, try to drain the excess marinade in the meat before cooking. Alternatively, you can use a hot plate to cook it. If you have fatty meat, trim the fat off, or use a hot plate to cook before putting it on the grill.

5. Rest your meat

After cooking the steaks, let your steaks to rest before serving. This allows the juice and the flavour of the barbecue to settle down after the high-heat intensity.

Lastly, is always good to clean your BBQ after using it. This will prevent the grill from rusting, which can ruin your next barbecue Brisbane event. If you are having a BBQ with your family and friends, you can ask someone who is well-experienced to help you out.

About the author:
Danny Duric is a passionate barbecue lover. He likes to research, read and update his knowledge about BBQing. Also he likes to share it with others. He is writing for Bayside BBQs and Outdoor Centre an outdoor furniture Brisbane retail store.