My sister is a sweetheart!  She lives in another state, but when she sees me, she comes bearing gifts and often she gives me something BBQ related because she knows what I like. She is so thoughtful! I love her for it!

She recently gave me a selection of Smoke in a Cup products to try the next time I grill. These are self contained aluminum cups that contain various wood chips that are perfect to complement with your favorite grilled meats and vegetables.

She gave me Hickory Wood, Cherry Wood and Mesquite Wood cups.


You can see from the image that there is a small hole on the top of the cup that the smoke escapes from and provides a fragrant flavor inclusion as you cook for your family.

The Cherry wood container says that the “fruity cherry flavor compliments pork, poultry, or fish”.  The Hickory container says that the “distinctive hickory complements seafood, poultry, lamb and vegetables.  The Mesquite wood container says that it is “the simplest way to add complex smoky flovors to your barbecued or grilled food.  Try the rich taste of mesquite with beef, salmon or chicken”.

There is a Smoke in a cup boxed set from Amazon that contains Apple, Hickory, and Mesquite wood for only $6.99.

I am planning on testing each of these in the future and I will provide a review when I do.  Right now, I am cozy indoors as my grill is buried under a foot of snow.