One of my favorite Barbecue meals is pulled pork.

Here is one of my favorite recipes for bbq pulled pork:

~5 lbs Pork shoulder
Your favorite BBQ Dry rub
Wood chips from your favorite fruit tree (Apple or cherry wood)
Apple juice


  1. Trim as much of the fat off the pork shoulder as you can.
  2. Coat the pork shoulder with a liberal coating of dry rub. Make sure it fits in every nook and cranny of the roast.
  3. If you are using a BBQ grill, heat one burner at med-low heat so that the temperature is ~200 degrees.
  4. Add a metal pan to the grill and fill it about 1/2 full of water. This will help keep the meat moist as you cook it.
  5. Cook the pork shoulder for about 2 hours – Turn it over and spray the outside with apple juice to add some sweet flavor to the meat and to help keep it moist
  6. For a smoked flavor, you might add fruit tree wood chips that have been soaked for an hour or so to a cast iron smoke pan and place it on the grill. My favorite is apple or cherry wood.
  7. Cook the meat until it is ~170 degrees on the inside of the roast. For a five pound roast on a gas grill, that may take 4-6 hours. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat.
  8. The pork shoulder should have a wonderful crust on the outside as you take it off the grill
  9. Let the pork roast sit for ~30 minutes before starting to pull it apart. I usually wrap it in tinfoil to keep it warm and to keep the bugs off it.
  10. Now it is time to pull the pork. It should fall apart in your hands. You might use a fork to help with the pulling process
  11. Add some of your favorite BBQ Sauce, some Grilled corn, and homemade broccoli salad, and you will be the hit of the party