With the recent scare of the Tomato salmonella scare, the topic of safe food handling should be on everyone’s mind.

Use common sense and use some of the following safe food handling tips to avoid food-borne illness:

  1. Always wash the surfaces of the counter tops before and after handling raw meat
  2. Never return cooked meats from your barbecue grill to the same plate that the raw meat was on.
  3. Be careful about the utensils that you use to handle raw meat. Don’t use the raw meat utensil on other foods unless you wash it first.
  4. Make sure that you marinate foods in the refrigerator not on the counter.
  5. After your BBQ feast, store the leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator
    immediately after eating and eat the leftovers within a few days or throw them out.

Other ideas for safe food handling?