For Christmas, my wife gave me permission to buy a new grill. We decided to wait until spring to make the purchase so we could have a better selection to choose from.

With everything going on, we never got around to making the purchase until just after Father’s Day. Fortunately, we were able to shop some of the sales that were going on so we got a pretty good deal.

There are several stores around that carry Barbecue Grills. I am a pretty particular shopper for “big ticket items”, so I shopped them all. I wanted something a little nicer (we were upgrading from the $89 barbeque that we got when we were first married). I am also hoping to put in an outdoor kitchen (someday) that will have a built in barbecue, so I didn’t want to spend too much on this “interim” purchase.

The best selection was at Lowes and Home Depot. They had several lines that ranged from $99 up to over $1,000. I liked several brands (Weber, Jenn-Air to name two). Costco had a stainless grill, but it didn’t seem very heavy duty. There were also grills available at other locations (Walmart, Sears, KMart, Target, etc.), but they didn’t have as wide of a selection to choose from.

As I looked, I determined that you start getting into the nicer grills at around $300. I ended up purchasing a Weber Genesis Silver A Propane Grill. I was able to buy it already assembled and got a free propane tank as well. I purchased a Weber Premium Gas Grill Cover for it to protect it from the weather.

One of the things that I really like about it is the system they have for mounting the propane tank to the side. The tank hangs from a hook that is connected to a guage that tells you how full the tank is. You can quickly check to see how full your tank is and avoid those mid-barbeque runs to the gas station to fill your tank. I think that is cool!

It has been a great purchase so far. We have been using it a ton!

Watch for a ton of recipes, pictures, and stories about life with our new grill!

Shoot us some comments with your stories about your grill purchases