With hunting season coming up don’t forget about a cream can supper for the ole goose blind. What you say?  Goodness we don’t eat THAT much. Well remember there are fours sizes of cans and the two small ones are great for feeding anywhere from 4 to 8 hungry people.

You can cut all the fixin’s ahead of time and put the whole can in your cooler and they’ll be ready to cook. They fit nicely on a camp stove and provide some warmth in the blind as well.

For that matter they can be used on the stovetop at home for a quick and tasty cream can supper. And ice fishing isn’t far off (sad but true) and the small ones are great for that as well. In the case of the 1 1/4 gallon one you can provide some nice heat for the hut and have a delicious hot meal in about 45 minutes.

More details at: http://www.ogallalacreamcansupper.com/