logo_NuggetMy brother-in-law has been telling me about the Reno Nugget Rib Cook-off for years!  This is the 25th year that the festival has been running and it is the largest rib cook-off in America!

After many years of talking about how I would love to come, I decided to make the trek to Reno, Nevada to sample the ribs from the 24 rib cookers from around the world!

I brought my wife and two of my kids with me to experience the Nugget Rib Cook-off.  We arrived in town late in the evening and we drove past the festival just to see everything at night.  It was still going strong.  There were people and cars everywhere!

But the best part was the smell – because the scent of BBQ was in the air.  We could smell it for almost 2 miles past Victorian Avenue where the festival is being held.  I kept deep inhaling in anticipation of the visit we will make tomorrow!

I can’t wait!  It is going to be AWESOME!  What better way to spend your Labor Day Holiday than with family and Ribs!!!

More details tomorrow with lots of pictures!