I travel quite a bit. One of my last journeys took me to the bustling metropolis of Overland Park, Kansas (about 30 minutes south of Kansas City, MO).

One of the days that we were there, my business associate told me that we had to go to Hayward’s Pit Bar B Que for lunch or dinner. Well, that sounded great to me as I absolutely love a good BBQ meal.

We ended up going there for lunch. I was starving (as I usually am) and we ordered off their lunch menu. They had BBQ sandwiches (pulled pork), a burnt ends platter, salads, brisket….you know, the usual BBQ menu.

I ordered the Burnt Ends and Sausage Lunch Platter. I asked for a combination of pork and beef burnt ends. They brought it out with some slaw and I ordered some beans as well. The sauce was awesome! I would have loved to try some of their pulled pork as that looked great as well. I liked the beef burnt ends better than the pork burnt ends, but both were very good.

Next time I go back, I am going to get their Full Slab Rib Platter to get the full treatment!

It was excellent

Let me know your favorite BBQ Restaurant!