I was in Phoenix for spring break. My brother-in-law and son were out and about at lunchtime and decided to get some lunch.

I was hungry for BBQ, so my brother-in-law took us to Honey Bears BBQ. I had heard him talk about Honey Bears several times, so I was happy to get a chance to experience it for myself.

As we pulled up, I could tell it was going to be good. It was about 1:30 and the whole parking lot was full. In the back there was a smoker and it was going full blast! You could smell the BBQ meat cooking as soon as you got out of the car.

They served up the typical BBQ fare, BBQ Sandwiches (pork and beef), chicken, ribs, slaw, fries, beans, corn, and cobbler for dessert. They also serve up Catfish and Sweet Potato Pie.

My brother-in-law ordered first and got the BBQ Pork Sandwich. I love pulled pork so I got the same thing, with an order of slaw and an ear of corn. As he was getting a handful of napkins, he grabbed a fork, although he only ordered the sandwich. As I got my meal, I could see why. There was so much sauce smothered all over the sandwich that it was a lot less mess to just eat it with a fork.

It was great! The sauce is a 50 year-old family recipe from Tennessee. Their motto is: put a little bit of South in your mouth!!

The pulled pork was awesome! The sauce was tangy, but not too tangy. Sweet, but not too sweet.

Occasionally, I have been to a BBQ restaurant as I travel and the meat is really good, but the sides are just OK. At Honey Bears, even the sides were delicious.

It was a great lunch – I would definitely go back. You can even order the sauce by the gallon if you desire.

Let me know if you have a great BBQ restaurant in your area!

Happy eating!