Ok – I admit it, I love good barbeque sauce!

When my friend came back from TX after having visited Rudys Country Store and Bar-B-Q, he was hooked. He immediately went to their website and ordered a case of their amazing sauce. His intent was to keep them all to himself, but somehow I talked my way into a bottle out of his private stash.

It proved to be a worthwhile bit of smoozing. This sauce is incredible.

I cooked up a full rack of baby back ribs on my grill and mopped on the sauce. My family and I enjoyed every rib we could pack down and we enjoyed licking our fingers afterwards. The flavor kept going and going.

BBQ Ribs

If you love barbeque sauce like I do, I highly recommend trying a bottle or two (or a case) of this amazing “sause”. And if you are ever in Leon Springs, in the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio you might stop into Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-B-Q! for lunch or dinner. They also have outlets throughout the southwest and use the same original recipes that made Rudy’s Leon Springs famous.

Let me know of your favorite BBQ Sause or BBQ restaraunt in your town.