Try this healthy and fresh beverage at your next summer gathering.


Grilled Ginger and Lemon Tea


  • ?Fresh mint leaves
  • ?1 lemon
  • 1 orange
  • ?1-inch fresh ginger
  • ?Prepared tea, sweetened to your taste


  1. Cut the lemon and orange in half
  2. Cut the ginger in slices, and place cut side down on the grill for a few seconds, until slightly charred.
  3. Add to the tea, along with the mint leaves
  4. Let steep for a while, and enjoy.

A surprisingly tasty beverage—also good iced!

Guest Author: This article was written by Jamie Peterson, an up-and-coming food blogger who looks forward to sharing her secrets with the web. If you’re looking to create or remodel your outdoor kitchen to make your next barbecue even more epic, make sure to check out Home Exterior Systems for more information on how you can get it done!